"I too went to the witch for a name," the fox began. "I accepted her terms, but as the years wore on, I was lonely. I could not tell anyone my name, but had to keep it to myself. I met a woman I loved dearly and she asked me for my name. Although I had listened to the witch, I decided to tell her my name. As soon as I had spoken it aloud, the witch appeared and turned me into this form. I have been cursed as a fox for nearly 100 years. I take those who do not know their names to her door, but I cannot tell them the truth about the [[witch]]."
She began walking down the path on the right. She noticed the trees and sighed mournfully, "Why do they all have names, while I remain nameless?" Suddenly a voice answered her, "I know where you can be named." The princess jumped and saw a fox peeking out from behind a tree. "Where can I be named?" The princess asked. "There is a witch deep within the woods who has named all the creatures in this wood. I can take you to her." The princess thought. Should she [[follow]] the fox or [[not]]?
The princess shook her head. "I cannot tell you my name. The witch warned me that I must never speak the name aloud to anyone." Her husband was upset. "But how can we ever be truly one, if I do not know your name." The princess thought. She suddenly had an idea. "How about we give each other names that only we two call each other?" Her husband agreed and gave her the name Lorna. She decided to call him Felix. Although she never told Felix her true name, Lorna was happy with him. Most importantly, they were a team, but they retained their independence from each other. Together they ruled their kingdom in peace.\n\nThe End
"I do not think I can accept your terms," the princess said, slowly backing away. She could never tell anyone her name? What was the point of a name if she could never tell anyone? "Very well," the witch said, turning back to her fire. The princess left the cottage where the fox waited for her. "What happened?" asked the fox. "I could not accept her terms," the princess said sadly, realizing that she was no closer to having a name than before. "That was a good decision," the fox said. "Why do you say that?" The princess asked. "Well, would you like to hear my story?" The princess [[nodded.]]
Suddenly there was a flash of light. The princess's husband stepped in front of her to protect her. Standing in front of them was the witch. "I told you never to tell anyone of your true name!" The witch exclaimed, pointing a finger at the princess. "Now you must pay the price!" The witch lifted her hand, mumbled an unintelligible word, and a bright purple light filled the room. The princess's husband looked around for his bride who had suddenly disappeared. He looked down at the pile of clothes she had been wearing, when they moved and a small creature [[emerged.]]
The princess knew that she could never be one with her husband if she did not tell him her name. "Alright," she began, "My name is...Ever." Her husband smiled. "Thank you for telling me, Ever. It is a beautiful name. And it suits you." The princess smiled and hugged her husband. Apparently the witch's warning was nothing but empty [[words...]]
Once upon a time there was a princess who had no name. One day she decided to venture into the woods to find something she could name herself after. As she broached the first line of trees, she came to a fork in the road. She couldn't decide - shoud she go [[right]] or [[left]]?\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nPhoto Credit: http://bit.ly/1cqHDdZ
The princess rushed home to tell of her adventures. For years to come, many would beg to know her name, but she refused, keeping it in the silence of her own heart. Over time, however, she began to feel lonely. Although she knew her name, she was still nameless to the rest of the world. One day, a prince from a neighboring kingdom came to visit. After spending time together, they fell in love. On their wedding day, the prince asked the princess her name. She wanted to tell her husband, but she still remembered the words of the witch. Should she [[tell]] him or keep her [[secret?]]
"I'm so sorry," the princess said to the fox. "But I am glad I did not ask her for my name. However, it will still be awfully lonely without a name." "Why don't you stay in the woods with me?" The fox asked, "I am lonely too. We could give each other names that only us two would know." The princess considered going back to her castle and knew that she could never quite be complete without a name and that she would be lonely for a long time. "Alright," the princess said, smiling. Together the fox, whom the princess called Felix, and the princess, whom Felix called Lorna, lived in happiness. Through the magic of the woods, Lorna lived just as long as Felix, and together, they lived happily, ushering unnamed others to the witch. But they knew the secret truth: that any name the witch had given them would never have been their true self because they had found that in each other.\n\nThe End
The witch had turned the princess into a fox. Her husband bent down to retrieve his bride, but she ran away in shame. The princess ran into the woods and remained there forever with the other foxes who had spoken their true names aloud.\n\nThe End
The Princess Without a Name
The princess considered the fox. She knew that foxes were notoriously tricky. "I believe I will continue on my own, thank you," the princess said. The fox appeared to shrug, and ran off into the trees. The princess spent the next few hours wandering the woods looking for anything that could lead her to her name. As it grew dark, the princess realized she was lost. She curled up in a pile of leaves to wait until morning. She awoke to the sound of her servants calling out for their princess. When they found her, she had the first onset of a fever. They carried her to the castle, but it was too late. Three days later, the princess died, still nameless.\n\nThe End
"Lead on, fox," the princess said. The fox began trotting down the path and suddenly veered off into the trees. "She's just a little further!" The fox called over its shoulder. The pair finally reached a break in the trees where a little cottage stood. It was quaint with smoke billowing out of the chimney. Why it looks more like a charming nook than a witch's house! The princess thought. The fox stopped at the steps leading up to the door. "You must go in alone," the fox said. "After all, this is your journey." The princess took a deep breath, climbed the stairs, and knocked on the door apprehensively. "Come in," a creaky voice called. The princess gently swung the door [[open]].
The princess considered. She had entered the woods to discover her name and thus to discover herself. It did not matter what anyone else called her, so long as she herself knew her name. "Yes, I accept your conditions," the princess said. The witch smiled. She suddenly took the princess' teacup and poured the remaining tea into the fire. The flames burned a bright purple before returning to their orange brilliance. The witch stared deeply into the light, chanting something under her breath that the princess could not quite hear. "It is done. Your name is...Ever." As the witch spoke her name, the princess felt a peace within her that she had never known. She knew the witch was right and that this was her name. "Oh thank you, thank you!" The princess exclaimed, jumping up to hug the witch. The witch remained unmoved. As the princess turned to leave, the witch's creaky voice stopped her. "But remember, my dear, do not speak this name to anyone. It is for you, no one else." The princess nodded and flew out of the cottage back into the [[woods]].
The princess stepped inside to the most welcoming place she had ever seen. There was a warm fire in the hearth, a smell of fresh baked pastries in the air, and a beautiful woman pouring tea into a cup. "Tea, dear?" the witch asked, her creaky voice completely out of place with her appearance. The princess nodded and took a seat at the table. She accepted her tea and sipped. It tasted like cinnamon, her favorite. "Please, I'm here because I have no name. A fox told me that you could give me a name." The witch nodded and sat across from the [[princess]].
"It is true that I can give you a name, my dear. But you must agree to some conditions," the witch said. The princess nodded for her to continue, her eyes shining with excitement. "First, you may not like the name I give you, but you must accept it. You may not ask for a different one. Second, and most importantly, never tell anyone this name. It is for you alone. For if someone knows this name, your true name, they will know everything about you. They will have power over you. Do you accept? [[Yes]] or [[no]]?"
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The princess began walking down the left path. She felt like she walked for hours through the trees until she noticed that she was back at the fork at the edge of the woods. "Well, that was nothing but a loop. I suppose I must take the [[right]] path."